How to Migrate Your Atom to Another Server

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This article describes the steps and manual configuration changes required if you need to migrate your local Atom or Molecule to another server.




You may need to move an Atom (or Molecule or Cloud), either to a new location on the same computer or to a new location on a different computer. You would like to preserve schedules, process properties, deployment, and other data.


Some typical reasons for moving an Atom are:

  • New hardware / hardware upgrade / hardware failure
  • Different Atom installation directory
  • A resource with more disk space


After moving the Atom Installation folder from one location/machine to another, you must change certain properties, including machine names and file paths, so that they point to the Atom's new location.



Moving an atom/molecule installation, to another directory, another host, or even changing IP addresses is NOT the recommended approach. If this is necessary, you should consider installing a new atom, and migrating the processes from one to another instead, see How To Migrate Processes to a New Atom. This article is here for reference, to document the files/configuration that may contain host/IP information only.


Note: If you copy an installation from one machine to another (or image a machine for use on another server), please note that YOU CANNOT RUN DUPLICATE ATOMS in this way (a.k.a. active-active). The atom is identified by our platform with an internal ID, and if you have two installations with the same internal ID, this would cause significant issues. If you must copy a server image or atom installation, you must not start both atoms at the same time. You SHOULD delete the atom installation of the unused installation once the migration is complete.



Note: If you are creating an exact mirror of the current machine/VM, you should only need to verify these settings vs. changing values.


If you move an Atom's Installation folder (<atom_install_directory>) to a different directory on the same computer, you must verify/change the following properties:

  • file (located in <atom_install_directory>\conf)

    • com.boomi.container.localDir

  • file (located in <atom_install_directory>\conf)

    • com.boomi.container.trustStorePassword

    • com.boomi.container.keyStoreLocation

  • atom(w).vmoptions file (located in <atom_install_directory>\bin)

    • -classpath/p

    • -Djava.endorsed.dirs


    • -Djava.library.path

  • pref_jre.cfg file (located in <atom_install_directory>\.install4j) - this is the path to the preferred JRE, which may or may not have changed

  • inst_jre.cfg file (located in <atom_install_directory>\.install4j) - this is the path to the JRE installation directory, which may or may not have changed.


Note: Where atom(w) means: atom = running as a service, atomw = running in console/desktop mode


If you move an Atom from the computer on which it was installed to a different computer, you must verify/change these properties:

  • file (located in <atom_install_directory>\conf)

    • com.boomi.container.cloudlet.initialHosts

    • com.boomi.container.sharedServer.http.baseUrl


    • com.boomi.container.sharedServer.http.externalHost - Make sure that externalHost points to the load-balanced VIP pool containing Atom Workers.

  • atom(w).vmoptions file (located in <atom_install_directory>\bin)

    • -Djgroups.bind_addr


Service/Startup scripts:

  • Windows: The Windows service will need to be re-installed on the new machine. It could be modified if only the installation directory changes. Alternatively if you only move the atom installation directory, the path to the atom.exe file defined in the service should be changed. This can be accomplished by editing a registry key (see Modifying the "Path to executable" of a windows service - Stack Overflow).

  • Unix: The init.d scripts will need to be re-installed/modified


Web Service and other listeners:

  • If you move an Atom to a different computer and you are using Web Service Publishing or other listening connectors (like SAP), you may also need to consider making changes to the following:

    • Any external applications that call Boomi AtomSphere services.

    • The URL-- either change in the application, DNS, proxy



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