How to Import a Flat File Profile with Multiple Record Formats

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If your flat file data set contains multiple record formats, you can still use the import wizard to avoid having to create all the data elements manually.
Use the Import Wizard for each record format individually. This means you will need to manually manipulate your sample data to isolate each record format you want to import.


Additionally, although the actual data will most likely not contain columns headers, for ease of configuration you may wish to include the columns headers in your sample file (either entered manually or perhaps copy-and-pasted from some specification document). Then temporarily configure the Profile to use column headers and import each record format one by one. Don't forget to reconfigure the Profile to NOT use column headers when finished.




Actual Data

H,INV123,Customer ABC,Rush Order
D,INV123,Item A,$20.00,4
D,INV123,Item B,$50.00,1
H,INV789,Customer XYZ,Standard Order
D,INV789,Item A,$20.00,16

Sample File 1 for Import


Record Type,Invoice Number,Customer Name, Order Type
H,INV123,Customer ABC,Rush Order


Sample File 2 for Import


Record Type,Invoice Number,Item Number,Amount,Quantity
D,INV123,Item A,$20.00,4