How to clear Find Changes File

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Have a process that contains a Find Changes shape, and the process has been deployed to facilitate testing.  Now you want to begin using the process, deployed to the same atom, but you want to clear the Find Changes file to remove your test file and start from "scratch".
There are 2 options for achieving this result.
1.  To reset the FindChanges shape within a specific process, delete the process’ files from the <atom_installation_directory>/work/cdc/<component_ID_of_process> directory.


2.  Deploy the process with a blank message shape before the find difference shape.  This will in effect blank out the file (sending the records down the delete path) and it will be clear when you pass an actual document to the Find Changes shape. In addition, if a document reaching this step does not contain a full capture of your desired comparison set, the process assumes that the missing records should be deleted. The process sends the missing instances down the Delete path.
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