How to create different record formats(Number of columns or Specified unique values) in the flat file?

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If you want to create Flat File with record format option or you want to separate the data as Header, Data,Footer section then refer this article.
To know about Flat File Profile's Data Elements Tab, Record View,
To Create a Flat File Record Format,
To know the Relationships Between Flat File Record Formats,
Detecting Flat File Record Formats,
Note: "Detect This File Format By" option will work based on the ordering & atleast one column should be unique in the records to identify the
           Flat File record formats.
For Example :
If we create a Flat File with 3 record formats i.e. Header, Data, Footer
1) For all the 3 formats should configure Specified unique values option.
2) In the source data at least one column should be unique to separate the record formats otherwise data will be treated as normal flat file data.
Sample Data :
In the above sample data there is unique column to separate the record formats,
For Header record H
For Data record  D
For Footer record F
Please refer below screen shots to know about Flat File configuration for the above sample data.


Unique Value Configuration for all the record Formats.
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