Disk - get multiple file types

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For a disk connector you might want to get a zip and xml file ,both in one call and you dont want to use 2 separate disk connectors to make these calls.
In this example: You have 2 types of file.
zip : report1.zip and report2.zip.
xml: account.xml


You want to get both the zip  and the xml file in one disk connector call.
Create a process-> add a disk connector shape .
Disk Connection: chose the location for these files.
Disk operation : chose regular expression.
In the file filter add this regular expression :  (account*)\w+.*|(report*)\w+.*



Note that this regular expression is independent of file type that you may have. There can be a more better regular expression for this use case but this is just one of the way and it worked fine for the customer.
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