How to escape special characters before making a SOAP request

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If your Web Services SOAP Client operation returns any one of these errors:


- SOAPExceptionImpl: Unable to create envelope from given source


- First document failure: Unable to create XML files from data, the document may not be well-formed xml


- [soap:Server] Server was unable to process request. ---> An error occurred while parsing EntityName
In order to get around any of these errors, you will want to add a data process shape before your Web Services SOAP Client shape in your process.


In the data process shape, please use a Search/Replace action to search for your special character, i.e. the & character, and replace it with its equivalent http encoded character, i.e. %26.


For any other special character, please refer to the following online resource, especially under the section entitled 'Table of encoded characters'. Here is the url:
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