Double SOAP Envelopes

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What is a double SOAP Envelope?

Below is an example of a double SOAP Envelope:

How can this happen?

When making SOAP Requests, you are making the request using a content-type of "text/xml", which automatically wraps your request in an envelope. Sometimes, users make their request using data that is already wrapped in an envelope, so when a request is make, it wraps it again. This causes an invalid SOAP request, and does not adhere to SOAP Standards, which can be viewed here:

Why did this start failing?

During our January release, we made changes to the Web Services Server Connector (Web Listener), where one change was to provide an option for a pure SOAP pass-through that does not insert the Dell Boomi input and output wrappers in the WSDL (CONN-3239). This forced a change with the validation of requests, which now ensures that the request coming in, is a valid SOAP request, and meets SOAP Standards.

What can I do to correct this?

To correct this, you may need to do a few things:
1. Modify your XML Profile to not include the SOAP Envelope within the request for the Web Services Server Operation.
  • Here's an example of a before & after of an XML Profile:
Before (Incorrect)After (Correct)
2. (Optional - may not be required) Modify your request body to not include the SOAP Envelope, as this may be automatically added by the application making the request. Please perform testing to confirm this.