Understanding Rewards Points

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As you participate in the community asking and replying to questions, adding comments, and submitting ideas, you can earn points. The point system is designed to recognize and reward contributions that benefit the community as a whole, primarily:

  • Providing answers to fellow users
  • Generating content that is valuable to others
  • Validating the useful contributions made by others


It's fun to see your score increase and level up as you use the community. However it's also a really important way to identify members who are outstanding contributors and experts and on the flip side, to be recognized as an expert if you are one of those outstanding members.


Viewing Your Reward Points and Badges

To view your points, go to your profile (Avatar menu > View Profile) and click on the points below your profile picture. Alternatively within your profile you can go to More > Rewards.


Here you will see your current progress and level as well as earned mission and quest badges. Click Community Leaderboard to see your overall ranking and top members within the community.


How to Earn Points



As you participate in the community, you will automatically start earning points. Here are the events and their corresponding points:


Your answer was marked as correct20Your forum reply was marked as the correct answer.
Your content was marked as helpful10Another user marked your forum reply or document as helpful.
Create a piece of content10Ask a question, add an idea, author a document or blog.
Content you created was liked5Another user liked your document or blog. Note: Question replies cannot be liked; they are marked as helpful/correct instead.
Comment or reply to a piece of content5Respond to a question or comment on a document or blog.
Mark a persons answer as correct5Another user replied to your question and you mark their reply as correct.
Mark a piece of content, comment or reply as Helpful5You mark another user's document, comment or reply as helpful.
You were followed by a different user5Another user choose to follow you.
Content you created was commented on5Another user adds a comment to your idea, document, or blog.
Your idea or poll was voted on5Another user voted for your idea.
Like a piece of content, a comment or a reply1You like another user's document, comment, or blog.
Your idea or poll was voted on1You vote for another user's idea.



You can also get bonus points for completing sets of tasks that are part of a quest. For example there is a "Get Connected to the Community" onboarding quest that contains several basic orientation tasks. Upon completion you get 100 points.


Quests are created by the Dell Boomi community team periodically so follow About the Community (no product questions) to be notified.


Other Rewards Concepts



Based on your total lifetime points you will move up through various levels. Your level is a quick way for others to see your status in the community.


To see the levels and point minimums, while on your profile Rewards screen click See all levels in the "Overall Progress" section.



Missions show how your points were earned based on specific sets of events. For example, did you create a lot of new content, provide a lot of correct answers, or validate others' content by liking and marking as helpful?


You can "level up" in a given mission independent from your overall level. For example, you can be a level 3 in "Helper" and a level 2 in "Author" but still have a Level 1 overall status. Explore the earned and unearned Mission Badges to see the individual mission rules.


Top Expert Badges

Missions roll up under one of six "Strategies": Engagement, Value, Support, Growth, Knowledge, Innovation. In a given month, if you earn the most points within a given strategy across all community members, you receive a Top Expert Badge. These are truly rare gems.

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