Inbound Data with the AS2 Shared Server or Trading Partner Start Shapes

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The Trading Partner component can be configured to handle document standards and communication types for both your company and your trading partners. The trading partner can be enabled:

  • For inbound data processing by selecting Trading Partner in a process' Start shape
  • For outbound data processing by selecting the Trading Partner shape from the palette's Execution tab on the process canvas.


The AS2 Shared Server connector is a listen-only connector that accepts AS2 requests in real-time and initiates Dell Boomi AtomSphere processes. When a process containing this connector is deployed to an Atom, the Atom's internal AS2 web server listens for documents based on configurations made in the AS2 Shared Server operation. Because AS2 is a common communication choice for EDI and B2B integrations, the AS2 Server connector is often used with a trading partner.


User Guide Articles

Here are some links to our Reference Guide, which you may find useful when using and configuring either the AS2 Shared Server or Trading Partner shapes


Scenarios on Receiving Inbound Data with the AS2 Shared Server or Trading Partner Shapes


Scenario 1 - How to configure the URL and MDN for an AS2 Shared Server Connector listener?

The AS2 Shared Server connector is a listen-only connector that accepts AS2 requests in real-time and initiates Dell Boomi AtomSphere processes. When a process containing this connector is deployed to an Atom, the Atom's internal AS2 web server will listen for documents based on configurations made in the AS2 Shared Server operation. The AS2 shared Server connector can be used to receive generic data (often in EDI or XML) via AS2 (similar to a Trading Partner shape).


The URL host name and port variables are configured in the Atom's shared web server as described in the connector overview at the following link: AS2 Shared Server connector


Clicking Shared Web Server Settings in the Atom Properties tab opens the Shared Web Server Settings dialog, which is used to configure the selected Atom’s AS2 shared server settings as described at this link: Shared Web Server panel


When the process is deployed and the AS2 shared web server settings are configured, the trading partner will need to send their data to the URL which is configured in the atom’s shared web server settings.


Sometimes the trading partner will request that an MDN be sent back either synchronously or asynchronously. Your trading partner will need to include this request for MDN in the original message when they send the data to your AS2 listener process. AtomSphere will interpret their request and if they have configured it properly, an MDN will get send back.

If they desire to have the MDN sent back to a different URL or port, they will need to specify that in the Disposition-Notification-To header of the original message.


Common Errors


Error: Getting SSL failure when attempting to send AS2 messages, and connection is closed with FIN, ACK

If you or your trading partner are sending data TO the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud, note the connection is made via SSL and you must use the TLS v1.0 or higher protocol. Connections using a less secure protocol will fail, and be closed with FIN, ACK messages.


Error: Found GS segment, but no Interchange (ISA) has been defined


The trading partner integration (start shape) is correctly configured, but occasionally the error above occurs.



Make sure the ISA Interchange value matches the trading partner value. If there are different trading partners, there

should be additional trading partner component for each different trading partner.


Check the profile(s).


Also (un)check the checkbox for filtering out functional acknowledgements in trading partner settings


Error: Unable to open AS2 message file, or not receiving files

You may get the following error:

Unable to get root content of MIME message; Caused by: Unable to get application/pkcs7-mime data content; Caused by: Unable to create PKCS #7 MIME content from com.cyclonecommerce.packager.mime.pkcs7.Pkcs7MimeEnvelopedData



It may be necessary to install Unlimited Strength Cryptography files. See To Install JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files.


Error: EDI not processed. Sending Partner does not match / Receiving Partner does not match


Test execution of case35811 completed with errors. Embedded message: EDI not processed. Sending Partner does not match. Sender ISA Qualifier: 01, ISA ID: 9012345720000, Application Code: 901234572000. Receiving Partner does not match. Receiver ISA Qualifier: 01, ISA ID: 9088877320000, Application Code: 908887732000

But the Company and Trading Partner in the setup are correct. What seems to be the problem?



Make sure the inbound source file has the correct values for the ISA entries, if there are multiple ISA entries.

In this case, the source file had 10 ISA/GS entries.


The first entry was something as follows:

ISA*00* ... *01*901234572000 *01*908887732000

different then the next 9 entries that looked something as follows:

ISA*00* ... *01**9012345720000 *01*9088877320000

Error: AS2 error in MDN Request log: Error received decrypting message: key invalid in message


Your trading partner is sending a file, but you are receiving no document and the MDN request log contains an error that looks like the following:

From [THEM] to [YOU]

with subject and

message ID of [<message id>]

failed to process.  Error was: Error received decrypting message: key invalid in message.


Disposition: automatic-action/MDN-sent-automatically; processed/error: decryption-failed



Verify certificates are set up correctly.


Ensure that the JCE policy files are updated on the atom per the guidance at this link: Installing JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction policy files


Error: AS2 error: failed to process. Error was: Error received decrypting message: null

The following error was found in the AS2 Artifacts: failed to process. Error was: Error received decrypting message: null

Disposition: automatic-action/MDN-sent-automatically; processed/error: decryption-failed


Install the JCE policy files for Unlimited Strength Cryptography on the atom, molecule or cloud.

The reference guide contains details for installation at this link.


Error: An AS2 Listener execution shows with 0 inbound documents

Download the AS2 Artifacts from the following:

Go to Manage -> Atom Management -> select the atom ->

under Atom Properties, select Download AS2 Artifacts


The downloaded zip file ( will contain an inbound folder which will contain a folder named by date.

Within this folder may be subfolders for each inbound partner

Open the inbound folder for your trading partner and locate the MDNRequestLog that corresponds to the execution based on the date/timestamp.

Review the MDNRequest Log for errors


Error: AS2 communications with the trading partners fail with the following: HTTP Error:Internal Error: Connection was closed from the perimeter side with error: CloseCode.HANDSHAKE_FAILURE

Make sure the SSL certificate at the trading partners matches the updated certificate on Boomi.


It can be requested from engineering or downloaded from the browser, via<account_id>

The certificate is also attached to this article - see file named


Error: Error sending message to AS2 Server, Code 500: Internal Server Error ((java.lang.Exception))

  • Ask the trading partner to check their web server logs for any inbound communication.
  • Check Firewall and proxy settings on the Trading partner.
  • Open a support case with Dell Boomi and attach the contents of ..<atom_install_root>/ work/as2 folder.


Error: AS2 HTTP Status Code [200] but a NEGATIVE MDN reply was received

Your trading partner tries to send a document via AS2 but reports there was no document found. You have also confirmed with your trading partner that your process is using the correct URLs and certificates and there have not been any recent changes.


The trading partner log shows the connection as well but also shows the following error:

Sending of document [9999999999.edi] to [http://999.99.999.99:9090/as2] was SUCCESSFUL. HTTP Status Code [200] but a NEGATIVE MDN reply was received


MDNs are tracked at the AS2-level under Process Reporting by document for confirmation of the communication exchange between AS2 partners. The full message captured by the AS2 server is stored at the Atom-level. Please take a look at the MDN's in the work/AS2/inbound or outbound directories in your Atomsphere installation directory. The time stamp on the file name in this directory should correspond to the time stamp of the failed execution in Process Reporting.


Please also confirm the (deployed) MDN options match what the trading partners is expecting to receive. In particular the following options, Request MDN, Signed or Not Signed MDN, Synchronous or Asynchronous MDN and whether SSL is used or not.




How is a trading partner different from a simple AS2 listener?

The Trading partner will define only one side of the communication at a time.A valid AS2 setup will be realized when a My Company and a My Trading Partner are combined.


Where as a simple AS2 listener listens for the incoming message , sends it to the partner, the partner receives the message,decrypts and verifies the signature.Partner then returns MDN in HTTP response indicating status of message verification.The AS2 connector receives the MDN which indicates that the original message was sent and received.

Why does one of the Trading Partners on my Start shape appear as "Unknown"?


I have a process with at least two Trading Partners configured in the Start shape. One of the trading partners appears as "unknown". Checked/unchecked all the options, FTP, AS2, Disk, nothing helps.



Make sure the additional trading partner under communication, for Disk, and FTP methods, the send options, has the checkbox "use default settings" checked.


Where can I view MDN messages sent or received by my AS2 setup?

Message Disposition Notifications (MDN) are tracked at the AS2-level under Process Reporting, for specific documents, to confirm that the communication exchange between AS2 partners was valid or invalid. However, the full message captured by the AS2 server is stored at the Atom-level.


You should be able to view the MDN's in the work/AS2/inbound or outbound directories in your Atomsphere installation directory.


What are the best practices for implementing AS2 listener communication in the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud?


What is the endpoint URL?

The Cloud AS2 URL:<Account ID>

Default https port is used: 443


You AtomSphere Account ID found under Setup >> Account Information must be added to the end of the URL path so all inbound AS2 communication is routed to your AtomSphere account.


What firewall rules are required for AS2 clients trading documents with the Cloud?

You will need to configure your firewall settings and your trading partner's firewall settings to allow the Atom Cloud IP range identified in the Reference Guide under Cloud Atom Configuration:

Hostnames and IP Addresses for Connecting with Dell Boomi


Is it necessary to use the HTTPS URL? If so, do we give them the SSL cert?

Yes. It is necessary to use HTTPS with the Cloud URL, but you may or may not need to manually install a cert. If you get an SSL handshake error, you may need to install the certificate attached to this article (download attachment named on the server that is making the request to the AS2 listener on the Atom Cloud.


You can also install a Local Atom to host an AS2 server on any endpoint URL, and this does not require SSL.


How does Retry Scheduling work with a Trading Partner start shape?

When a process with Trading Partner Start Shape is deployed, it allows for Execution and Retry Scheduling. The process kicks off at the scheduled time, but when it fails the retry never kicks off.



As per Boomi's retry logic "When a process execution is retried, it checks for failed executions and failed documents associated with these executions. For every failed execution that is found, a new execution (retry execution) is created containing all of the failed documents." (Retry execution schedules)


In this process the failure happens at the connector level thus, it throws a connector error. Pay attention that this is NOT a document failure. Here is how the error message looks like:



Solution: You can create a main process and call your process with the Trading Partner Start shape from a Try/Catch shape. You can set the Retry Count according to your business needs. Please keep in mind that the retry will rerun your subprocess, it will not retry it with the failed documents.


How can I Use a AS2 Shared Server Connector to Receive Documents with Different ISA Information but with the Same AS2 Sender ID?

Please see How to Exchange EDI with Multiple ISA IDs over Same AS2 Connection.


For the AS2 Shared Web Server Settings, where should the new URL information be updated?

Log on to atomsphere.

Click on Manage Tab

Right Click on Atom Management to open a new tab

Click on Properties

Click on AS2 Shared Web Server settings

Click on User Management


Why using FTP, SFTP in a Trading Partner shape, does not pick up inbound file?

In this scenario, the Trading Partner start shape has 3 Trading Partners defined.

  • My Company is using FTP as the communication method.
  • Trading Partner 1 and 3 are using FTP communication method.
  • Trading Partner 3 is using SFTP communication method.


When the process is executing, get a popup message, no documents found on the SFTP server, but the inbound file exists, and has full permissions.



  1. Make sure that the same communication method, in this case FTP is used for My Company and for all Trading Partners.
    1. A combination of FTP and SFTP cannot be used. It will cause unexpected errors and behaviors
  2. Create a new process that will use SFTP for My Company and the Trading Partners that are using SFTP as the communication method.


Here is more information about the differences between FTP, and SFTP: Understanding Key Differences Between FTP, FTPS and SFTP 


How to re-transmit/re-run the failed 997s?

If you need to re-transmit failed 997s:

  1. Edit the process to disconnect the documents branch.
  2. From Process Reporting, you can 'Run the doc in test mode.' This will run your modified process, sending only the 997s, but not running through the rest of your process.


Why is the ISA header information missing from 997 acknowledgements?

If the process starts with a Trading Partner shape, and the acknowledgements branch goes into a sftp shape, you should replace the sftp shape with a Trading Partner shape, using the ftp/sftp communication method.


What is the best way to troubleshoot inbound AS2 errors?

When enabling an AS2 Shared Server or AS2 type Trading Partner, I am unable to successfully process inbound documents on the Manage Tab. What can I review to troubleshoot?


No Manage Tab Execution:

  • Is the process deployed to the local Atom?
  • Does the command (netstat -a) when run in a command prompt window show the listener running on a specified port?
  • If you go to your browser, local or non local, does the AS2 URL show a 404 HTTP error saying "AS2-From and AS2-To values are required for a valid AS2 message."?
  • Verify that antivirus, local firewall, and network firewall are not blocking communications.


Manage Tab Execution with Error:

  • Verify certificates.
  • Make sure JCE policy files are installed and atom restarted. -
  • Try sending an outbound AS2 message successfully to your trading partner.
  • Check the <Atom Install>/work/as2 directory for the MDN messages and to view payload
  • Test communication with all options off. Meaning, turn off available message and MDN settings. (For message, do not sign, do not encrypt, and do not compress message. Make sure content type is correct and matches partner. For MDN, you can request but do not sign. Also, try synchronous before a-synchronous. Turn off SSL).
  • After #5 is verified and correct, add one option and test again. Repeat until all available options that are required are working.
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