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The Component Explorer allows you to create a new Trading Partner component in a desired folder. The current document standards that you can define are X12, HL7, and EDIFACT. The Trading Partner component can be configured for your company or your trading partner.


Reference Guide Articles

Here's a link to our Reference Guide, which you may find useful when using and configuring the Trading Partner component.


Common Errors

Error: Invalid CRLF characters on EDI docs received from Trading Partner

When receiving EDI documents from a Trading Partner, via FTP or otherwise, your process doesn't seem to receive any files. When retrieving via Disk connector, they process correctly. This may be that you have CRLF between each segment, in addition to the ~ character, and they may be removed by using a Data Processing step, from the communication tab within the Trading Partner component.


Error: FTP 530 invalid login error when using Trading Partners

Please check the trading partner trading partner settings, and enable or turn on, use default settings.checkbox.


Error: Error parsing X12 file; Caused by: For input string: 'I9'

When using a Trading Partner shape, you should be able to receive a valid 999 document that has a value of "I9" in the IK403 field and a value of "I5" in the IK503 field.  Based on the "standards" for a 999 document, these should be valid values.


However, after parsing an X12 file with those values the following error occurs:

Error parsing X12 file; Caused by: For input string: 'I9'


Even after changing the Data Type on these 2 fields from ID to AN did not fix this error.


In order to work around this issue, please open the Trading Partner shape in your process.  You will need to make the following changes to either one or both of your trading partners; My Company and Trading Partner.


First, select the My Company and click on the pencil icon to edit it. Click on the Communication tab and select the communication method you are using, for example AS2. Then select the Data Processing Options link. From there, click on the Send Data Processing Steps pencil icon. In this window, click on the plus icon to add a Search/Replace action. Enter I9 for the Text To Find, and enter 9 for the Text to Replace(you may replace I9 with your string in particular to find and just replace it with the one digit numeral that follows the I character). Again click on the plus icon to add a Search/Replace action. Enter I5 for the Text To Find, and enter 5 for the Text to Replace. Close this window and do the same for the Receive Data Processing Steps pencil icon. Close and save the My Company.


Repeat the above same steps for the other Trading Partner, if needed.


Finally, save your process.



What encryption Algorithm is used on the AS2 connection, if I select "Encrypt Data" but select N/A for the Alg?

Even though the "Encrypt Data" check box is selected, if you choose "N/A" from the pull down, the data will NOT be encrypted.

There are no 997 returned for/from Trading Partner, What needs to be done?

Make sure under the Trading Partner Trading Partner(s), Basic X12 Options, either

Acknowledge Transaction Set or Acknowledge Functional Groups is selected

for Functional Acknowledgement Options


Is EDI OAGi Standard and ebMS communication method supported?

At the current time they are not supported and they are not in the roadmap.  Please log a feedback request if you would like to see this functionality added.


How do I Populate the AK9 segment of a 997 response?

The EDI X12 997 that is generated from the Acknowledgements branch of a Trading Partner shape is missing segments (e.g. AK2, AK5, AK9, etc...) or segments are not populated with valid data (e.g. with nulls or 0's instead of expected values).  It may be that your Trading Partner is receiving the 997 messages, but with the incomplete data.


The content of the 997, including the AK2 and AK5 segments is generated based on the document profile. The 997 is most likely missing segments and content because the incoming document profile (e.g. 856, 940, etc...) is not specified in the Acknowledgements Trading Partner shape.


For example, a 997 response to a 810 request where there is one ST 810 in an ISA.

The AK902, 3, 4, would look like this:  AK9*A*1*1*1


For reference:

  • AK902 is the number of transaction sets included.
  • AK903 is the number of received transaction sets
  • AK904 is the number of accepted transactions sets
  • Transaction sets = number of STs sent in an ISA


First, make sure the Trading Partner shape in the Acknowledgements branch contains the same trading partner component(s) as the Trading Partner in the start shape.


Then, in the Trading Partner shape, edit the trading partner component, go to the Document Types tab, and under Registered Document Types, add/select the incoming document type (856, 940, etc...). Then select the incoming document type and under Tracking Options add a Document Profile for the incoming document type.


Retest and verify that the 997 that is generated contains the valid segments and expected data. Refer to the appropriate EDI standard to validate the segments and data.


How can you archive documents, for a specific Trading Partner, to a specific folder?

Archiving Trading Partner Documents using Disk method. The archiving is always done to the mycompany folders not to the

tradingpartners folders. What needs to be changed/reconfigured, in order to have the archiving done to the trading partner

individual folder or directory ?


  1. Configure/Edit the trading partner shape.
  2. Highlight the (desired) trading partner (if more than 1) that needs documents to be archived.
  3. Click on Pencil icon.
  4. Click on Communication tab.
  5. Highlight Disk.
  6. Expand the Send Options.
  7. Uncheck the Use Default Settings checkbox.
  8. Enter the desired archiving directory for the trading partner.
  9. Save, Close, Deploy.
  10. Execute.


Boomi delivered a 997 back to the TP, but why can't they read it?

Please follow the below guidelines :

  1. Check to see if there is an inbound document type and profile for the trading partner document.
  2. In the trading partner, under Basic X12 options, Configure the following :
    • Functional Acknowledgement Options : Choose 'Acknowledge Functional Groups'
    • Document Envelope Option : Choose 'Group by Functional Group'


Where is the 'use default settings' option for AS2?

The FTP communication has the 'use default settings' option. Where can I set the same option for AS2? The AS2 does not have the 'use default option' setting.  Use the AS2 Shared connector as described in the following article: Inbound Data with the AS2 Shared Server or Trading Partner Start Shapes


Does Compress Message option on Trading Partner use ZLIB algorithm?

The ZLIB compression algorithm is used in Trading Partner, AS2 when the Compress Message option is enabled.


What is an Interchange ID for My Company in a trading partner?

For My Company, Interchange ID represents Interchange sender ID and AS2 ID represents My company AS2 ID used for all communication with partners. The Interchange ID needn't be the same as the AS2 ID. Interchange ID is the ISA information available in your EDI document.


How to override Trading Partner Information?

In the Trading Partner component, some Trading Partner Information fields are configured with a select set of values by default. For example, the ISA15 field has a picklist which can be set to either T=Testing or P=Production. But what if you want to remove, or leave blank, or specify a different value for the ISA15 field? (Please note this may be considered a non-standard configuration)


Using the example above, to override the value of the Test Indicator using the Set Properties shape:

  • Configure a Set Properties shape before the Trading Partner shape.
  • In the Set Properties shape, select Document Property and under Trading Partner Information expand X12 -> Interchange -> Test Indicator.
  • Set it to a blank value on the right.
  • This should override the value of that field when the data then goes into the Trading Partner shape.

This same approach may be used for other fields.  If your requirement is similar, but slightly different, experiment with other settings/fields to see if they

produce desired results.  Note that not all fields may work this way, it is always recommended to adhere to the EDI standards and correct

any interfaces that don't comply instead whenever possible.

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