Some custom fields not available when using NetSuite token based authentication

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NetSuite token based authentication (TBA) requires a different account configuration to be set up in NetSuite. Some users have come across a few differences where some data values and custom fields that were available with credential based authentication are no longer available when using token based authentication.


For example, when configuring a NetSuite connector operation for an object:

  • When using credential based access, any custom fields configured for the object in NetSuite are added to the profile and/or operation filters.
  • However when using token based access, these custom fields are not added to the profile and/or operation filters.



  1. Identify the role used by the TBA application. Within NetSuite go to Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens > view Access Token for the given application.
  2. Edit the role and grant the various customization-related permissions. Within NetSuite go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > edit the role identified above > Permissions > Setup. Grant the following permissions with "Full" access Level:
    • Custom Body Fields
    • Custom Column Fields
    • Custom Entity Fields
    • Custom Event Fields
    • Custom Fields
    • Custom Item Fields
    • Custom Item Number Fields
    • Custom Lists
    • Custom Record Types
    • Custom Transaction Fields
    • Other Custom Fields
  3. Save the role.
  4. Within AtomSphere, attempt to configure the NetSuite operation again.


For more information on configuring NetSuite TBA, see How to configure the NetSuite Connection with Token Based Authentication.

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