Why are executions not showing up in the process reporting page?

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1) Make sure there is no network connectivity issue between atom server and AtomSphere platform. Check and verify whether proxy and/or firewall are allowing communication from the atom to the platform.


More information regarding the IPs needed to be whitelisted are available here:



The Atom/molecule will communicate with the Platform couple of times a minute and during that time it will log this communication failures in container logs.


The platform considers an atom/molecule to be off-line when the AtomSphere Platform does not receive communication from the Atom/molecule within 3 minutes.


Possible Causes for this include, the atom actually being offline, a local server being taken offline, temporary network or Internet connectivity issues that prevent communication to platform.boomi.com, or ondemand.boomi.com on outbound port 443.


Recommended Actions include checking to see if the Atom Service is running and it has a blue status under Atom Management. If the local atom cloud status is blue, then the issue most likely repaired itself and communication back to the platform was restored.



2) The time on the atom machine should be synced. Make sure that the time on the machines running the atoms are configured correctly and (if possible) assigned to use NTP time and set to the correct Time zone based on the location where the machine is hosted.


3) Check to see if there are any files in the AtomInstallationFolder->message->connector-track  and AtomInstallationFolder->message->process-track folders. If there are more files in these  folders, try moving some of them to a different location outside of the atom installation path. This should clear out the backlog and allow the documents and executions to be uploaded to the platform so they can be viewed in process reporting.


4) Finally do a clean restart of the atom.Stop the atom service, wait for a couple of minutes to reflect the atom status on the platform and then restart the service. If this doesn't resolve the issue, try restarting the machine hosting the atom.