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Document created by ruchika_yadav Employee on Jun 28, 2016
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When using Salesforce Bulk update api , getting the following error :  Error received executing Salesforce Bulk API. Bad Request

It was working fine until June 25th 2016 .




The Salesforce bulk update api call fails for the following error:


com.boomi.model.connector.common.salesforce.SalesforceException: com.boomi.util.retry.RetryException: com.boomi.model.connector.common.salesforce.SalesforceException: Error received for Salesforce Bulk Update

at com.boomi.connector.salesforce.SalesforceConnectionState.upsert( 208)

at com.boomi.model.connector.common.salesforce.bulk.SalesforceBulkAPIExecutor.createJob( 176)

at com.boomi.model.connector.common.salesforce.bulk.SalesforceBulkAPIExecutor.getJob( 146)

at com.boomi.model.connector.common.salesforce.bulk.SalesforceBulkAPIExecutor.execute( 263)

at com.boomi.connector.common.salesforce.vx.SalesforceUtilityVx.upsertBulk( 1330)

Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Error received executing Salesforce Bulk API. Bad Request




It happens because Salesforce disabled the encryption protocol for inbound and outbound connections. As suggested in the article , you can force the connection to use TLS 1.2


Salesforce Disabling TLS 1.0 (2017)


Additionally , if you have concerns about other protocols which are supported by the endpoints in your integration within Boomi then you can add the property like this :





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