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This article will go over some options to help have a document archived and put into the location you want with the original file name. One way to do this is to pull the document


This help guide article shows where a file is archived and how it is named: Connector Operation's Archiving tab


In this scenario you have a file that you want archived but need it to be named with the original file name and stored in a location where it can be easily accessible.


When you archive a file, the file is named <date time><document index><Operation name>_<unique number>.dat and stored to the specified local directory on the machine where the Atom is running. There is no way to change the name of the archived file when it is created, however, one way to keep the original file name is to use the set properties shape.

In this example you have a start shape that is getting the file from your local disk. It is then going to a Set Properties shape that will get the file name of the file that was pulled in and save it to a Dynamic Process Property. It then leads to a Branch shape. In the set properties shape, (Get Original File Name), click add property and select Dynamic Process Property. Name this whatever you wish in property name, (this name will be used in the second Set Properties shape). Next, add a parameter and select document property for the type. Click the magnifying glass to browse. In this case we will expand Disk and choose File Name. This will add the original file name as a process property.

Next, put a branch shape, and have the file get archived in the first branch. In the second branch use a connector to pick up the file from the archive location. After you have pick up the archived file put another Set Properties shape.

In this Set Properties shape you want to add a property and select the connector that the file will be sent to. In this example the archived file is picked up from the local disk and sent to the FTP so I expand FTP. With FTP expanded I select File Name.

You then want to add a parameter and under type you want to select Dynamic Process Property. Under Property Name you want to put the name you called the Dynamic Process Property in the first Set Properties shape. This will name the file with the original file name you had kept in the first Dynamic Process Property.

You can then put another connector down after the Set Properties shape to send the file wherever you need to send it.



You can find more information on this via these help guide links:

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