Web Services Custom Authentication using LDAP Login Module

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Boomi will support different Login Module for custom authentication purpose.

In this document we will discuss about LDAP Login Module.


Here is required steps to configure LDAP Login Module:

Step 1:

Add jetty-ldap-jaas-6.1.26.jar file under atom_install_directory/userlib/http-auth/

(This file has been attached in the attachment section below.)

Once you added jar file then restart the atom.


Step 2:

Select Authentication Type as Custom under Atom Management > Shared Web Server

Enter the below login module class name:

LDAP Login Module Class Name: org.mortbay.jetty.plus.jaas.ldap.LdapLoginModule

Here is sample screen shot:

Step 3:

Add all of the required LDAP properties. Please find a sample of these properties in the below screen shot, but you will need to modify these values for your own configuration:

LDAP Properties.png

Please make sure you are passing the correct: bindDN, bindPassword, port, hostname, userRdnAttribute, and userBaseDn values.

Here is contextFactory value:

contextFactory: com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory


Step 4:

Add users under the User Management tab in Shared Web Server settings,

Please refer below screen shot:

User Management.png


LDAP Sample Directory Structure:

Here is my LDAP directory structure:

LDAP Directory_Structure.png

Now your setup is ready then you can test against your LDAP users.



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