Trading Partner EDI X12 Sending Partner does not match error on FTP/SFTP

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This article describes a scenario where an EDI X12 transmission results in a "Sending partner does not match" error even though they do match.  Further investigation revealed that the Communication tab setup for the trading partner to transmit via FTP or SFTP was not configured to use the default configuration and resulted in the above error.  This may not be the resolution in every case for this error, however the error and solution below described a method that can be used to troubleshoot similar issues.




EDI not processed. Sending Partner does not match.  Sender ISA Qualifier: 14, ISA ID: 1111222233335, Application Code: 1111222233335.







Multiple or list of trading partners.





The ISA and GS Sender and Receiver IDs match :


ISA*00*    *00*    *12*1122334455AB  *14*1111222233335  *160602*1447*U*00401*000000047*0*P*>~





Sender (My Company Trading Partner) Example:






Receiver (Trading Partner Trading Partner) Example:





FTP setups/configurations


The ftp/sftp communication setup from My Company :




The ftp/sftp communication setup from Trading Partner (before it was corrected or adjusted and it was erroring ):




Solution :


Go through each Trading Partner in the trading partner list and adjust the communication for FTP or SFTP to use the default Get/Send Options :




Save the new configuration changes to the trading partner components.

Save the process.

Test the process.

Deploy the process.

Retest the process or execute the process from process reporting.

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