Error message received from Http Server, Code 404: Not Found

Document created by Nikita_nandakumar on Aug 5, 2016
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This error is thrown after Sending GET request to server. The URL is configured to something like http://localhost:50955/xxx?id=x  via HTTP client connector.



If the HTTP service is hosted on the same machine on which the atom is running, configure the HTTP client connector as follows:


HTTP Client Connection:

URL: http://localhost:50955/ws/simple

Use localhost instead of  machine's host name since the web service is running on the same machine where the atom is installed. Make sure port 50955 is configured under Atom-->  Shared  Web Server Settings.


HTTP Client Operation:

Connector Action : Send

Select Request Profile Type: None

Select Response Profile Type: None

Content Type : text/plain

HTTP method : POST

Save the connector configuration and re-test the process.