Embedded error: checksum mismatch at 0 of 20

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While trying to import a PGP certificate you see this error "Embedded error: checksum mismatch at 0 of 20".



  1. First confirm that the pass phrase you are using is correct and that the certificate is valid.
  2. Also, check to make sure the certificate works outside of Boomi.
  3. If the certificate does work and you know the pass phrase works outside of Boomi you could use Kleopatra (Outside application) to import the certificate to make sure that only one certificate is attached and being used.
    1. Chose Import Certificates:
    2. Select the certificate with the issue to import into Kleopatra. Once the certificate had imported, you may notice that two certificates showed up in Kleopatra instead of just one.
    3. Go to File and selected encrypt, (and later decrypt), to test encrypting and decrypting a file that was just created.
    4. After selecting encrypt a dialog box pops up; make sure that Encrypt is selected and press next:
    5. For the next box that pops up you want to select the certificate you want to encrypt the file with and select add, then encrypt:
    6. To decrypt a file select decrypt under file and then select the file you wish to decrypt. For the next box you just want to select decrypt and then you are prompted for the pass phrase (only for the first time). Do this for both certificates that were imported. In this case only one certificate worked with the passphrase while the other did not.
    7. Export each certificate separately from Kleopatra.
      1. To get a public certificate, you need to click on the certificate you want to export and then click Export Certificates.
      2. To export a private certificate you right click on the certificate you want exported and select export secret keys.
      3. You then select where you want the certificate to be exported to. In this case, export the certificates individually and then import them individually using Boomi. Only one certificate worked with the pass phrase.