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This article describes the directories within local Atoms, Molecules, and Private Atom Cloud runtimes and is provided as an informational reference for administrators.




  • Whenever available you should always make configuration changes and access data and execution history through the AtomSphere user interface to ensure data integrity.
  • Unless specifically instructed to do so, note that modifying files in the local directories may result in the runtime becoming corrupted and non-operational.
  • Unless specifically documented, note that file names, data formats, and the directory structure itself are not guaranteed and may change without notice.


DirectoryDescriptionImportant for Support?Notable ContentsLife Span of ContentsHow CreatedPotentially contains customer data?
<root>Runtime installation rootNot typically
  • uninstall.exe
PermanentUpon installNo

Installation artifacts. Define JRE location used by Atom.

  • pref_jre.cfg (JRE used by Atom)
PermanentUpon installNo
accountsCloud only. List of tenant subdirectories for multi-tenant cloud runtimes. Each tenant has its own copy of data, execution history, process configuration, etc. directories.Yes
  • Individual cloud tenant runtime data
PermanentUpon account attachmentYes (subdirectories)
accounts-deletedCloud only. Names of recently deleted cloud account attachments.NoPurged periodicallyUpon deleting account attachmentsNo
as2-mdnStaging area for AS2 asynchronous MDN messages.NoMomentary (Atom consumes immediately)Upon AS2 process execution with asynchronous MDNs enabledYes (MDNs)
binAtom runtime executables and JVM configuration files.Yes
  • Atom runtime executables:
    • atom.exe (Windows)
    • atomdesktop.exe (Windows only for desktop mode)
    • (Linux)
    • restart.ps1/sh
  • vmoptions (JVM settings e.g. memory, character encoding)
  • error.log
  • For molecule/clouds:
    • node-install.ps1/sh (install additional nodes)
    • procrunner and procworker policy and launch scripts (vmoptions for Forked Execution and Atom Worker JVMs, respectively)
PermanentUpon installNo
componentTransient component XML metadata for components that have been test mode-executed or deployed to the Atom.NoPermanentUpon test mode executions or deploymentYes (encrypted passwords)

Additional Atom application configuration files.


Atom Properties panel 

  • For clouds:
    • /limits (attachment quotas)
PermanentUpon installNo

Connector libraries.


Only contains connectors required by processes that have executed on this Atom. New connectors are downloaded automatically during first use.

YesPermanentUpon first execution requiring given connectorNo

Property files containing the next values for custom counters and trading partners.


Counter values should be modified through the Atom Management UI.

Not typically
  • Counter files
PermanentUpon first use of a counter parameter or trading partnerNo

Actual document data files used during execution and subsequent document data viewer.


Do not modify. Uploaded via UI. Subject to Purge schedule.

Not typicallyAtom Purge ScheduleUpon every executionYes
docStart menu links to documentation. Windows install onlyNoPermanentUpon installNo

Temp directory for Document Cache component.


Do not modify. Typically empty except during executions.

NoSingle executionUpon execution that uses a document cacheYes (temporarily)

Additional runtime library files.


Do not modify.

NoPermanentUpon installNo

Process execution artifacts including Process and Document logs.


Do not modify. Subject to Purge schedule.

Not typically
  • /<root> - Persisted process properties by process component ID
  • /current - Artifacts for in-progress executions. Moved to history upon completion
  • /error - Metadata regarding failed executions (internal use only)
  • /history - Historical execution artifacts organized by date
  • /recovery - Temporary state of abnormally terminated executions used for cleanup
Atom Purge ScheduleUpon every executionYes (execution/history)
jre (optional)Contains a local copy of the Java runtime if you have the installer or upgrader install or update its own copy of Java.PermanentUpon install (optional)No

Core runtime libraries.


Do not modify.

Not typicallyPermanentUpon installNo

Daily container logs, HTTP server logs, local user logs.


Subject to Purge schedule. Important for operational runtime monitoring.

YesAtom Purge ScheduleDaily while Atom is runningNo

Staging area for messages exchanged with the platform.


Messages include Atom status, execution metadata, test mode results, UI-requested info, etc.

Not typicallyMomentary (Atom consumes immediately)Continuously; upon every executionNo

Cache for OAuth 2.0 tokens.

Not typicallyPermanentUpon token generationYes (tokens)
pluginsAdditional configuration and deployment artifacts for optional functionality such as the shared web server, API components, MDM universes, etc.NoPermanentUpon deployment of certain functionalityNo
processList of processes attached/deployed to this Atom.Not typicallyPermanentUpon process attachment/deploymentNo
processesDeployment Version versions of Component XMLs for processes and their dependent components. Used exclusively for deployed-process executions.Not typicallyPermanentUpon process attachment/deploymentYes (encrypted passwords)
queuePersisted Atom Queue contents. Does not contain actual document data, instead contains pointers to document data residing in data directory.Not typicallyAtom Purge Schedule (but not Purge Immediately)Upon first execution using Atom Queue connectorYes (for Low Latency executions)
resourcesNon-process deployed components (e.g. certificates, process routes).Not typicallyPermanentUpon deploymentNo
settingsExtension values for deployed processes.Not typicallyPermanentUpon Atom/Environment extension configurationYes (encrypted passwords)
settings-testExtension values for test-mode processes.Not typicallyPermanentUpon configuring test mode extensionsYes (encrypted passwords)
tmpTemporary files for the Atom, including process execution artifacts.NoAtom Purge ScheduleUpon every executionYes
tmpdataTemporary files for process executions when "Purge Immediately" is enabled.NoSingle executionUpon every executionYes (but purged immediately)
updateTemporary space for applying Atom executable updates.NoTemporary (during update only)Upon Atom executable updatesNo
userlib (optional)

Contains additional libraries (jars) for some types of connectors, custom scripts, etc.


Must create manually. Can contain subdirectories.

  • Connector-specific and custom scripting third party jars
  • Common subdirectories:
    • /script
    • /sapjco
    • /database
    • /jms
PermanentCreated manually when needed for connector libraries/drivers, custom scripting librariesNo
workWorking copies of the core and connector libraries to be loaded into memory at runtime as well as some history execution artifacts including AS2 communications and Find Changes.Not typically
  • /as2 - AS2 artifacts including inbound & outbound raw MIME messages, and synchronous MDNs
  • /cdc - Change data capture a.k.a. Find Changes shape snapshot



/as2 is subject to Atom Purge Schedule

Upon Atom start, process executionYes
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