Unable to Apply Pending Updates for Atom/Molecule

Document created by sheng_liao462475 Employee on Aug 29, 2016
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When hitting Apply Pending Updates button on Atom & Connector Versions page, the button seems to be working, but nothing has changed afterwards.



1. Stop atom service/each node.
2. On the atom server/fileshare, delete the contents in <atom-home>/connector folder.
3. On the atom server/fileshare, delete the contents in <atom-home>/work folder.
4. Restart the atom/head node.
5. Hit Apply Pending Updates button. Wait for the updates to download.


If the atom/molecule still doesn't take the updates after performing the above steps, it is very likely that the connectors that need to be updated are not being used in any deployed processes. When atom/molecule downloads all the needed .zips for the connectors, it doesn't find the files, so therefore, thinks they are not installed and skips them. You can follow the below steps to resolve the issue.


1. Create a process with "connectors that need to be updated" in it, deploy it to corresponding environment and run it. This is for the original connector version to re-download, thus trigger the updates get applied later.
2. Apply pending updates again.
3. Detach the process from environment and delete the process.