How to manually initialize the Last Run Date properties for a newly deployed process

Document created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Sep 29, 2016
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Use Case

You have a process that relies on the value of the process Last Run Date or Last Successful Run Date property and need to initialize the value(s) when first deploying that process to a new Atom or environment.


For example, the process may use the Last Successful Run Date as part of search filter criteria. If you do not initialize the value, it will use the default value of January 1, 1970 and possibly retrieve more records than desired.



  1. Go to Manage > Atom Management > select Atom > Deployed Processes > navigate to desired process > Edit Process Properties.
  2. Click Add Property.
  3. For the property name, enter either com.boomi.execution.lastsuccessfulrun or com.boomi.execution.lastrun.
  4. Enter a dummy value, say "0" and click save. You must enter a value otherwise the new property will not actually save.
  5. Click Edit Process Properties again and use the date picker to select the desired time. Click save.
  6. Execute process normally.
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