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In the Summer of 2016, Boomi has introduced a new version number formatting to our Atom and Connection versions (found in Atom Management settings) that provides a bit more useful meaning behind them. 


In the past, the version numbers of our atoms and connectors were formatted using internal build numbers of each of the connectors. For example:



These version numbers certainly helped identify specific connector and atom versions, but Boomi wanted to improve our versioning number format to provide some more context and insight on when they were released.


Therefore we introduced new version numbers that were formatted in a way that showed the year and month that the new version of an atom of connector was released. For example:


In the above Atom version, it shows that it's using a version of the atom that was released in 09/2016 (which means that it was was released in our September 2016 release). 


16 - 2016

09 - September


As of now, we're rolling out new version numbers for our connectors as they're updated. Because not all connectors are updated with each release, some of our old version numbers do still use the old format. However, once they are updated in a future release, they will use the new versioning scheme that we've put in place.


For your reference, to take a look at all atoms/connectors contained on a specific atom in an account, simply follow these steps:


1.) Log onto your Boomi Account.

2.) Navigate to Manage -> Atom Management.

3.) Select the Atom you'd wish to view and then navigate to the "Atom & Connector Versions" under the Deployment heading. 


Once here, you'll see a list of all atom and connector versions currently being used on your atom, including current version numbers as well as the version numbers of those connectors in the next release:




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