SQL Server (Microsoft) Driver Type in the DB Connector results in a 'Login failed' error even though username/password is supplied.

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This connection has been established previously using the SQL Server (jTDS) Driver Type with the default driver, but there is a new requirement that the driver being used must have 'multiSubnetFailover' functionality.


Article detailing the feature: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg558121(v=sql.110).aspx


Server where atom is installed on is Windows 2012 running Java 8.



Steps Taken:


Confirmed connection credentials are correct (still works via jTDS options), placed Microsoft driver (sqljdbc42.jar) into \<AtomInstallDir>\userlib\database folder.



Possible Error Messages:


- Error retrieving db data: Login failed for user...

- Caused by: Login failed for user...

- Embedded message: Error retrieving db data: SqlStatement not properly initialized...

- Unable to extract database meta data. Null (when performing an operation profile import)





Using the Microsoft Driver (sqljdbc42.jar) with the SQL Server (Microsoft) Driver Type selected and authentication with a Windows Service Account required the following Additional Options:






This is required when the user and password is not provided within the database URL, and without being defined, the value defaults to false. This appears to be specific to newer Microsoft drivers.

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