null cert chain

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Error null cert chain


"null cert chain" error usually indicates bad certificate or certificate is not added correctly.



  1. On Atom Management page Shared Web Server - User Management tab, check if the SSL client certificate is added for the user.
  2. Add the below line to atom.vmoptions files and restart the atom.
    This will give you more details of error "null cert chain" in container logs. Just remember to remove the above line from atom.vmoptions files and restart the atom afterwards.
  3. Search for null cert chain error in container logs and see if there are entries like this.
    [$CertificateMsg print] *** Certificate chain
    [$CertificateMsg print] <Empty> null cert chain
    [ sendAlert] , SEND TLSv1 ALERT:
    [ sendAlert] fatal,
    [ sendAlert] description = bad_certificate
  4. Re-generate the SSL certificate and re-import the cert to Boomi.