Unable to upload file: File process_log.xml for execution XXX is not readable

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Unable to upload file: File process_log.xml for execution XXX is not readable.  Here are some possible reasons for why this error may occur when trying to access an execution's process log from Manage -> Process Reporting



1. Check if the execution is completed. If the execution is still in pending state, you might not be able to read the process logs yet.

2. Check the execution mode, some execution modes do not generate process log files.  For example, low latency mode will not generate a process log for successful executions, and will only generate a process log for failed executions if the process is configured and deployed with that option enabled.

3. Check the container logs to see if the atom/process stopped unexpectedly before the file could be written.

4. Check the atom purge settings, it could have already deleted the files.

5. Check folder permissions on whole directory structure <ATOM_INSTALL_DIR>/executions/history/<EXECUTION_DATE>/<EXECUTION_ID>.

6. Retrieve process_log.xml from <ATOM_INSTALL_DIR>/executions/history/<EXECUTION_DATE>/<EXECUTION_ID> folder and check if there are any special characters in the process_log.xml.

7. Check if a symbolic link is being used to retrieve process logs. If so, please remove the symbolic link.

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