HTTP Client OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Grant Type Use Case

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Use Case

Access the endpoint with Authentication Type OAuth 2.0 and Grant Type Client Credentials.



Build an HTTP Client connection. Your connection details should be something like this.



URL - The endpoint URL.

Authentication Type - OAuth 2.0 

Grant Type - Client Credentials.

Client ID - The client ID obtained from the application.

Client Secret - The client secret obtained from the application.

Scope - You can add one or more permissions, which are case-sensitive and separated by a space, to application request URLs. If you change scope permissions, you need to re-authenticate to ensure that all of the requested permissions are granted.

Access Token URL The endpoint address provided by the application to make API requests. It usually ends up with "/token". If you enter the invalid access token url or do not provide an url, you will get the below error message when trying to access the endpoint.


Unable to set HTTP OAuth2 Authorization on connection. Unable to build OAuth 2.0 Header. The Auth Token is null.; Caused by: Unable to build OAuth 2.0 Header. The Auth Token is null.

Access Token Parameter - (Optional) The name and value of additional or custom token parameters required by your application.

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