What does the Process Missed Schedules warning mean?

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You observe the process "Missed Schedule" warning in one of several places:

  • Email alert containing "PROCESS.MISSEDSCHEDULE - WARNING: Missed Schedules Notification"
  • AtomSphere API Event record with eventType "process.missedSchedule"
  • JMX property jmx["com.boomi.container.services:type=Scheduler", "MissedSchedulesCount"] has value greater than 0.



For Atoms already in use, this is typically an indication the workload (e.g. number of scheduled processes and concurrent executions) is exceeding the given Atom's capacity. Evaluate the Atom's workload and consider options for scaling the runtime vertically or horizontally. See Atom, Molecule,and Atom Cloud setup for more details.


However in some cases for newly-installed Atoms, this can be an indication of OS-level timing problems.


Note: This event does NOT mean that scheduled executions did not run simply because the Atom was not running or offline.


For more information on these properties see:



For Atoms already in use:

  1. Evaluate the process schedules and consider staggering them or reducing frequency to reduce the number of executions attempting to run at the same time.
  2. Increase processing capacity by scaling the Atom runtime vertically and/or horizontally. This means either increasing the number of CPUs on the Atom server or migrating to a clustered Molecule runtime with multiple nodes. If you already have a Molecule, consider adding additional nodes.
  3. Increase the Timeout for Queued [Forked] Executions per Node or Maximum Queued [Forked] Executions per Node properties, however these should only be modified in coordination with increasing the processing capacity on a given Atom or node.


For new Atoms with potential OS timing problems:

  1. For Windows machines, the Atom will attempt to automatically adjust the system timer used by the JVM. This usually addresses the issue for Windows.
  2. For non-Windows machines, set the timer type as an Advanced Atom Property (Properties panel):

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