LDAP: error code 53

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When using the LDAP connector to create or update attributes for a user in Active Directory you may receive an variant of a LDAP: error code 53. This is an error code that the LDAP server returns when the server is configured in a manner which prevents the operation from being executed as requested.



The LDAP error 53 indicates that the server is unwilling to process the requested operation for some reason. Typically this error is generated when a field in being created or updated using a non SSL connection or the field value is considered illegal by the LDAP server. For example it a non null field is being updated to a null value or a password is being updated over a non SSL connection. 



The first step to addressing the problem is identifying the field(s) that are causing the LDAP server to generate the errors. Try eliminating fields from the create or update operation one by one until the error is eliminated. Once the create or update operation is successful the field which is responsible for the error will be apparent. Then working with your LDAP admin and those responsible for the business decisions you can proceed down a path to addressing the issue using one of the options listed below:

  1. Identify if there is some AD configuration setting that will allow this field to be updated over a clear text (NON SSL) LDAP Connection
  2. Permanently remove the field from the process flow to be updated (Business decision if that is possible)
  3. Switch to a SSL connection for LDAP. This may require some certificate configuration on the AD/LDAP server and boomi if not already configured as certain fields like 'password' require a SSL connection in order to update. 


Additional Material

Additional information on the list of possible LDAP error codes can be found at LDAP Result Code Reference

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