Program Command executing batch file with parameters, generates error : Unknown_failure

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A process that contains a Program Command shape that attempts to call and execute a batch file (eg. move_file.bat) may fail with the following error:

Embedded message: Unknown failure



The batch file looks as follows:

move /Y D:\boomi_share\Working\{1} D:\boomi_share\SomeOtherFolder

  1. Insert a set property shape before the Program Command, with the following configuration:
    1. Set a Dynamic Document Property
    2. Set the value on the right pane for the dynamic document property either to a profile element, or to a static value for testing purposes
  2. The program command should then contain the following:
    1. Command : D:\boomi_share\MoveFile.bat {1}
    2. The parameter value should be the dynamic document property value that was setup in steps 2-3 above

The process should now look something like this: