NetSuite expects UTC timestamps, but yet it is unable to handle a UTC timestamp value

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A query based on the last successful run date passed to NetSuite looked as follows:






NetSuite is interpreting the above as local timezone, but the requirement is PST timezone and/or UTC timezone.



  1. 2016-02-22T15:42:09.289Z or any timestamp wth the 'Z' at the end is already in UTC format or in "zulu" format and it should be handled and accepted by NetSuite correctly. The 'Z' at the end of the timestamp refers to zulu time, Also there is an issue with onOrAfterdate date comparison operator calculation on NetSuite side.
  2. There is an alternative to make sure the correct date is passed to NetSuite in the correct timezone:
    1. Create a message using "{1}-00:00", and set {1} parameter to the last successful run date.
    2. Then set a dynamic process property to the current message.
    3. Now, pass that property into the NetSuite query parameters.
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