How to send an Image in an Email with the Mail Connector

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This document describes a number of methods for including an image in an email to be sent with the Dell Boomi Mail Connector.



Methods for including images

Dell Boomi supports three methods for sending images via email. Each has its limitations, and these should be considered in your process design.


In this case, the image is not actually sent in the email; the email simply includes a URL link to the image.


Including a Link to an Image


The content of the email can be created in a Message shape. The link to the image should be included in the HTML.


Message shape


Disposition and Content Type should be configured in the Mail Operation as follows.


Mail Operation



  1. All recipients must have direct access to the image using the given URL.
  2. For security, some mail clients will require the recipient to confirm that images are to be downloaded before displaying them in the email.


Attaching an Image File

In this method, the image file is sent with the email as an attachment. The approach for sending an attachment (along with inline content) is described in this Community Article:



  1. The image is not displayed within the body of the email; it must be explicitly downloaded by the recipient.


Embedding an Image

This approach avoids the main limitations of the previous approaches: the actual file is sent, so there is no issue with user access; and the image will be displayed in position in the body of the email. However embedded images are NOT supported by all mail clients.


To embed an image you will first need to read the image file into your process, e.g. using a Disk Operation. The file contents must then be Base64-encoded using a Data Process shape.


Embedding an Image


A Message shape can be used to build the mail content, with the image embedded in the <img> tag.  In this example, the substitution variable {1}, is replaced by the Base64 string from "Current Data".


Message shape


Disposition and Content Type should be configured in the Mail Operation as for the method for 'Including a Link to an Image'.



  1. Not all mail clients support embedded images, e.g. Outlook uses Word to render the HTML content, and Word does not support embedded images.



Common Questions / Errors

Does Boomi support linking to an attachment?

A further method of including an image in an email is to send the image as an attachment, and to include a link to the attachment in the body of the email, using a src="cid:..." attribute in the <img> tag.  (It should be noted that, as with the 'Embedding an Image' method, this also has varying results across email clients).


To allow this you would need to explicitly set the Content-ID of the attachment; this is NOT possible in Boomi.

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