Atom Counters "isactrl" or "gsctrl" Relationship to the Trading Partner Components

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How do I determine the relationship between Atom Counters and Trading Partner Components?

In Atom Management, under Settings & Configuration, there is a tab called Counters:


Click on it and it will bring a list of counters for every mycompany and trading partner component ids defined in the account:

****isactrl      <value>

****gsctrl      <value>



How can I determine the correlation between the counter string and Trading Partner Components?

For example, lets say we have the following counter:


Break that string into 3 parts, with part 1 and 2 being the same length, and part 3 being the "gsctrl" value. This results in:

  1. a1bcd23450123ee8e9fd7d1f382cddad   
  2. 67732fa44896516c9e1cd3b25c698f1c
  3. gsctrl


Item 1 should resemble the myCompany Trading Partner Component ID:

  1. a1bcd234-5012-3ee8-e9fd-7d1f382cddad

Item 2 should resemble the Trading Partner Trading Partner Component ID:

   2. 67732fa4-4896-516c-9e1c-d3b25c698f1c


If switching to the Build tab, and change the address bar and make the components= to match similarly as follows:;accountid=***accountid***;components=a1bcd234-5012-3ee8-e9fd-7d1f382cddad,67732fa4-4896-516c-9e1c-d3b25c698f1c

This should return the appropriate MyCompany and Trading Partner Components, based off of the counter IDs that you've just extracted.