Converting a p7b file to import a cert into AtomSphere

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If you have a .p7b certificate, you need to import it into .cer or .der format before you can import it into AtomSphere.


On Windows, there are two ways to accomplish this:


1) Using the openssl command line tool:

  1. set OPENSSL_CONF=<path_to_openssl>\bin\openssl.cnf
  2. .\openssl pkcs7 -inform der -in <in>.p7b -out <out>.cer
    •  Note: Without the "-inform der" option, you may receive an error: "unable to load PKCS7 object" 


2) Using the Windows certmgr (steps below were performed on Windows 10):

  1. Double click on the p7b file to open the certmgr application
  2. Expand the certificate chain, and double click on the first cert, the one specifically for your partner
  3. Change to the details tab
  4. Click "Copy to File"
  5. Click Next, select "DER encoded..." and click Next
  6. Enter file name (be sure to change the path, so it does not save the file in your Windows\System32 directory)
  7. Click Finish


Now you can create a Certificate Component in the AtomSphere Component Explorer, and import the cert.


When you transfer certificate files from machine to machine, be careful that your OS does not change the format of these files. When possible, zip them first, and then transfer to avoid corruption.