Using NTLM Windows authentication with a MS SQL server database

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Some integration scenarios require an SQL server connection to authenticate with windows credentials.



 This can be achieved in Atomsphere by configuring the database connector as follows:

  1. Driver Type: SQL Server (jTDS) or SQL Server (Microsoft) depending on your database configuration
  2. User: (Leave blank)
  3. Password: (Leave blank)
  4. Host: IP/hostname of database
  5. Port: Database port (if blank default is used)
  6. Database Name: Name of database you are connecting to
  7. Additional Options: ;useNTLMv2=true;instance=yourinstance


Note: Other additional options that may be required:


One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure the user who is running the atom service on your machine is the same user that is getting authenticated by the database as a windows user.


To view/edit the atom user:

  1. Locate the atom service within windows services
  2. Right-click on the atom service and select properties
  3. View tab labeled “Log On”
  4. “Local system account” is checked by default but a user can be defined under “This account:”
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