Error is not correct: Failed to connect to host: on port 22. Exception message is: Auth fail; Caused by: Auth fail.

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When running integrations or processes that use ftp/sftp connectors and there are failures, process reporting only shows the 'top' level generic error message, in this case "Auth fail". Examining the container log as well as the process logs show additional error messages as well as the correct error message, such as connection timeout and/or connection reset. What are the recommended ways to help a customer arriving at the correct error messages, since "Auth fail" is generic and misleading.



The "Auth fail" message that is seen on process reporting window, is caused from a jsch exception when trying to connect to a specific (ftp/sftp) server. This is a third party library that is utilized. Unfortunately the library only provides the information of "Auth fail" and nothing else. When the SFTP connector throws an exception, it pulls the messages associated with the root cause and brings it back to the top level. This is why we see the "Auth fail" message for different things. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the code responsible for this error message is not ours, we cannot improve on the "Auth fail" string.



There is not currently a solution for this issue, but a community idea has been logged to add this functionality. Please visit this link to up-vote this feedback item, as our product management team uses these items when prioritizing future development work.