List of Component ID's in Deployed Process (Local Atom)

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If you have a local atom and a process deployed to that atom, you may want a to be able to find a list of the component ID's of each component that is deployed within that process. The process and many of the components have XML that is stored, when deployed, in the <atom_installation_directory>/processes/<process_ID> directory. The following process is a sample of how to pull in all the XML files for a certain process and pull back all component ID's.



This process is the main process, which will pull in the XML files, send them to a sub process to filter out the component ID's, names, and version numbers, and then combine the files to get one list.



The Disk Connector pulls in the XML file from the directory mentioned above. They go the sub process which looks like below:



This sub process takes each XML file, and goes through a flow control shape to process each one individually. Each XML file is then mapped to retrieve the component ID, name and version number. The map is shown below.



The input profile contains just the information we need from the XML files and is mapped to an XML file that contains only the component ID, name, and version number. This is to make it easier to combine into one file later in the process. We then return the documents to the calling process. Back in the calling process we combine the documents on the "elements" element which has the Max Occurs value set to Unbounded and the Looping Option value set to Unique. The CompId, name, and version elements have the Max Occurs value set to 1 and the Looping Option value set to Unique. We write it to a disk directory and this gives us an output that looks like the following:




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