How to Include AK2, AK3, AK4, and AK5 in 997 Response

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Setting the structure of the 997 acknowledgements is done in the Functional Acknowledgement Options tab. This will enable the 997 to show more detailed information if there are any errors or rejections. You still need to address the errors/warnings in order to stop getting "Accepted with Error" or "Rejected" 997's. You can choose between 3 options:

  1. Do Not Acknowledge, disables the 997 acknowledgement
  2. Acknowledge Functional Groups, returns 997 acknowledgement with mandatory fields
  3. Acknowledge Transaction Sets, returns 997 with all available fields

Mandatory fields:

ST – Transaction Set Header

AK1 – Functional Group Response Header

AK9 – Functional Group Response Trailer

SE – Transaction Set Trailer

Optional fields:

AK2 – Transactional Set Response Header

AK3 – Data Segment Note

AK4 – Data Element Note

AK5 – Transaction Set Response Trailer (if the AK2 is included)


Note: For more information on the 997 segments, view X12 997 Acknowledgement Detailed Guide


To find the Functional Acknowledgement Options drop down:

  1. Go the Trading Partner component
  2. Go to the X12 Standard Configuration tab
  3. In the Basic X12 Options is the Functional Acknowledgment Options field to pick the different options


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