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Amazon S3 offers the following storage classes for the objects that you store. You choose one depending on your use case scenario and performance access requirements. 


  • STANDARD – This storage class is ideal for performance-sensitive use cases and frequently accessed data.

    STANDARD is the default storage class; if you don't specify storage class at the time that you upload an object, Amazon S3 assumes the STANDARD storage class.

  • STANDARD_IA – This storage class (IA, for infrequent access) is optimized for long-lived and less frequently accessed data, for example backups and older data where frequency of access has diminished, but the use case still demands high performance.

  • GLACIER – The GLACIER storage class is suitable for archiving data where data access is infrequent. Archived objects are not available for real-time access. You must first restore the objects before you can access them.

  • REDUCED_REDUNDANCY – The Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) storage class is designed for noncritical, reproducible data stored at lower levels of redundancy than the STANDARD storage class.

    The durability level (see the following table) corresponds to an average annual expected loss of 0.01% of objects. For example, if you store 10,000 objects using the RRS option, you can, on average, expect to incur an annual loss of a single object per year (0.01% of 10,000 objects).

    Please click here for more information on description of classes : Storage Classes - Amazon Simple Storage Service 



    You may try to use HTTP Client connector to update Storage as these update can be done using a PUT of object copy API.
    You can also change the storage class of an object that is already stored in Amazon S3 by copying it to the same key name in the same bucket. To do that, you may use the following request headers in a PUT Object copy request (Boomi operations headers) :

    x-amz-metadata-directive set to COPY

    x-amz-storage-class set to STANDARD, STANDARD_IA, or REDUCED_REDUNDANCY

    Please check this link: 

    HTTP client connector for PUT in Boomi: HTTP Clientconnector 


Common Questions:

Is there is no way of doing this with the S3 connector, only with the http connector?
The S3 connector has actions only CREATE, DELETE, GET. Unfortunately the connector has no update options and we might have to use API calls in HTTP client connector.

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