FAQ for Boomi's Replacement of Trust.Boomi.com

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What is Boomi’s Trust site?

Boomi’s Trust site (http://trust.boomi.com/) provides availability status for the Dell Boomi platform and hosted Atom Clouds, scheduled maintenance notifications, and the planned release schedule.


How do I access the new site?

The site is accessible at https://status.boomi.com.


Why is Boomi making this change and what benefits can I expect?

Dell Boomi understands that timely and up-to-date information about platform and the Atom Cloud availability is critical for your business. Dell Boomi is replacing our Trust site (http://trust.boomi.com/) to offer many new benefits including robust notification options that are timely, region specific, and more granular in content.


For example, you can:

  • Subscribe to platform-level and, if applicable, specific Boomi Atom Cloud events
  • Receive notifications via email, SMS, and/or webhooks
  • View history and incident details will be available for 3 months





What technology will Boomi be using?

Boomi has chosen Atlassian’s Statuspage solution given its ease of use, feature capabilities, and industry adoption. Boomi will also retain some of the current content, such as the release schedule and metric data.


How will I be impacted and what will I need to do?

Using the new site is simple. Simply go to https://status.boomi.com and choose your subscription options. First, select the preferred notification method(s) (email, SMS, etc.), and then select the desired Platform and/or Atom Cloud components.


If you are using the current RSS feed and wish to continue using it, the new site will have additional RSS feed options that may require some adjustments. For example, the new site has a different source URL. Please see RSS Feed Examples for Boomi's New Trust Site.


Lastly, if you are currently site-scraping, the new notification functionality may negate the need to continue doing this; however, if you plan to continue to site-scrape, you will be able to access the site once it is live and make any necessary adjustments during the transition period.


Will there be a transition period?

Yes. To enable customers and partners to transition to the new site with minimal disruption, http://trust.boomi.com will remain active until August 8, 2018. At the end of this transition period, the site will become unavailable.


The transition period will allow you to become familiar with the site and provide the time needed to make any necessary adjustments without negatively impacting your business.


Will I continue to get scheduled maintenance and incident emails from Customer Success Assurance teams?

No. Once the transition period noted above has expired, all communications regarding planned maintenance and incidents will be sent via the notification options you have selected.


I am interested in the RSS feed options, where can I get more detail?

Simply go to https://status.boomi.com, select "Subscribe to Updates" button and choose the desired Atom Feed option.


I have additional questions, where can I get more information?

We will be posting updates to this document regularly, so please follow this article and check back often for additional information. Questions can be posed in the Community or can be raised by contacting your account manager.

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