Common Issue When Changing an Object's Fields in Salesforce

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When making changes to an object's field within Salesforce, many users will change the profile from within Boomi to reflect the change, but will not import the profile again from the Salesforce Connection Operation.  This will then cause the operation to fail to update the changed or added field, or in some cases, could cause the entire operation to fail.  This is necessary because the Salesforce Connection Operation, and some others like it, will use metadata behind the scenes to implement its action.  Simply changing the field within the profile most times will not change the behind the scenes data and references, which will cause the field to be lost or the operation to fail.



To ensure that your operation reflects the most up to data information based on the object in Salesforce, it is best practice to re-import the profile if you make changes to an object being used by a Boomi process and would like access to read or dictate that field via the platform.  


This is not to be confused with other connectors, such as the database connector, which are typically able to be changed in the profile within Boomi without needing to be re-imported, so long as the statement or other dependencies (if any) are updated.


When re-importing a profile, it is important to remember to check any other parts of the process which use that profile or elements from the profile.  Check all mappings to ensure they are still correct and check parameters for other connectors which may use elements from the profile which was changed.  The platform will do its best to preserve these items, particularly mappings, however, in some cases especially if the changes are drastic, the mappings and other items may not be preserved.

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