HTTP connections with NTLM authentication: How to change the user profile in the connection

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HTTP connections that use NTLM authentication will cache the initial user profile used in the connection.  They will continue to use this original user profile even if the user is later changed.  This persists for the current life of the JVM. Different NTLM endpoints can each cache their own user profile, so this behavior only affects situations where you attempt to change the user for a given NTLM endpoint.

Note: This does not affect HTTP connections that use other authentication methods.  Only NTLM-authenticated endpoints are affected.


To change the user profile, there are two options.



1. Workaround

Restarting the atom will clear the cache, and pick up a new user profile if one has been specified in the connection.  If you only need to occasionally change out the NTLM user profile, then simply remember to restart the atom as part of the procedure.


2. Resolution

To permanently eliminate this behavior, you can disable the NTLM cache in the atom by modifying your atom.vmoptions file.  You can find this file in your <atom_installation_directory>/bin folder.  Add the following line:




You will need to restart the atom for this change to take effect.