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Input BD:2015.11.26_84572321:0 was not outstanding (already marked as finished) Caused by: JSONArray1 not found.

Question asked by JohnRichmon1631 on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by MartinCarmona6971
HI all
I am doing a Web services Server in a Listen mode.
I am upserting some values into successfactors and sending the response back to the connector using return dcoument shape.
In the Web services server connector operation the Inputs type Single XML Object  and Output type is multiple XML object Page size 100
In the SF Connector operation i have kept batch size as 10000
It is working fine when we send like 10 or 20 records
But when i send more record I am getting this error
"Input BD:2015.11.26_84572321:0 was not outstanding (already marked as finished); Caused by: JSONArray[1] not found."

can any one point me to a document in Boomi which can solve this or if you have a solution kindly help