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How can I use actual value in profile for use in a connector query in Salesforce?

Question asked by JohnThrasher5481 on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by JohnThrasher5481
I have a date in a csv file I read in, 10/01/2015.

When I use it in a where clause in SOQL for Salesforce I get a MALFORMED_QUERY error.
The value passed to the query in the connector is somehow 20151001 000000.000 not 10/01/2015.
The value in the profile before the connector is called is correct. I checked it in test mode and the value being passed to the connector is 10/01/2015 but the value in the query is all messed up. It blows up because of the space between 20151001 and the following set of zeros as it should have a right parentheses there instead of a space. But even if it stopped at 20151001, that would still not be the value I see in the XML of the profile as the integration runs.