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What configuration is needed for Boomi to unzip a gzip compressed file that I receive as response from HTTP Client GET operation?

Question asked by JohnStelling4121 on Dec 23, 2015
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I've seen the below questions, but I cant seem to get this to work (without a custom script) for an HTTP Client GET Operation in which a gzip compressed file is returned in the response. I've set the "Accept-Encoding" header in the request to "gzip", but the response is still fully compressed when I test the operation. I have found that the response header does not contain any "Content-Encoding" field to indicate that it is gzip, but I do know that the response is in fact returned as a binary file compressed using gzip. Maybe this is what is needed in order to Boomi to automatically unzip the response?


In 2011, this questiion/answer indicates that custom scripting and inclusion of the gzip jar is needed.
What's the best way to unzip a gzip or non-winzip compressed file?


In 2013, this question/answer indicates that this is handled automatically in the HTTP connector and that custom scripting is not needed.
Can the HTTP Client Operation accept gzip compressed HTTP input stream?