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Unexpected result of Salesforce Merge Operation

Question asked by ErikIvarsson3431 on Jan 11, 2016
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I have started to experiencing issues in my merge process, which is supposed to merge two Salesforce Accounts by using the merge operator in the Salesforce Connector. This has been working fine before but it suddenly stopped working and with strange error messages, after investigations I found out that I was not returned with the expected mergeResult
But rather I was returned the request that I sent in, following this format:


in my request I am only specifying the two ID of the two Accounts, no additional fields, from what I remember this worked fine lets say 5-6 months ago and it also utilized the merge operator without me specifying any additional fields. In Salesforce the two Accounts where merged and the informaiton combined, and the duplicate Account was later on removed in the same operation.


Currently, however, the secondary record gets deleted but no information is combined and the only thing that I can see occuring is that the Account gets deleted. I do not receive any error messages and everything looks OK at first sight, I cannot understand why the MergeResult does not follow the specified one though, which is why I assume there to be some issue here.


Has anyone else stumbled upon similar issues recently or in the past?