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Has anyone been able to connect to ActiveMQ 5.13 JMS?

Question asked by PaulMayer5971 on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by Sjaak Overgaauw

I downloaded and installed ActiveMQ 5.13.0 on a Windows AWS server and have Boomi running on a Linux AWS.  The Boomi reference guide has the following:

JMS Connection: ActiveMQ

To enable ActiveMQ, put the following two jar files in the ../<Atom install root>/userlib/jms directory:

  • activemq-core-5.4.1.jar — located in the <activemq_home>/lib directory. Your version might be different.

  • geronimo-j2ee-management_1.1_spec-1.0.1.jar — located in the <activemq_home>/lib directory.

I have found the second file and moved it but the first file seems to have been left out of the newer releases.  I moved two similarly name files, activemq-client-5.13.0 and activemq-broker-5.13.0, to see if those would meet the needs but when i run the process to just get a successful connection i get the following error message:
Embedded message: Unable to send JMS message; Caused by: Could not connect to broker URL: tcp:// Reason: Socket closed; Caused by: Socket closed


Here is my connector information:
My basic test send operation:
Any advice would be appreciated!