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Cross-reference table in a Map Shape -- Does this prevent direct field to field configuration?

Question asked by jedwards on Jan 27, 2016
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My Question: If a  cross-reference table is used in a Map Shape to map some of the source file's data to it for a conversion, does the presence of that cross table function prevent directly mapping other source file data to destination fields? The test I ran has the following fields:

  1. Source Field 1: Map directly form source profile to destination profile field
  2. Source Field 2: Map to cross - reference table function that will then populate two fields in the destination profile field
  • When I ran the test and did not map Field 1, the Set Properties shape log showed that the conversion was as expected.
  • When I added and directly mapped Field 1 to a destination field, the Set Properties shape log did not show the converation as expected. Instead, the log displayed as the source file...nothing was converted.