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Difference between having an attribute of zero length and having no attribute at all in xml?

Question asked by AdamBlakely4561 on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by AdamBlakely4561

We have an xml with some fields that contain previous attributes.

<Value previous="">SomeValue</Value>

And we have xml fields that do not contain a previous attribute for the same field.


The first line is an example of this field going from having a value to having “SomeValue” which we want to detect as a change.  Whereas, the second line shouldn't be treated as a change because it has no previous attribute at all.  Is there a way Boomi can distinguish between the two scenarios?  Specifically, we’re trying to do this in a scripting function.  We’ve tried to use if(previous == “”), but it seems that Boomi treats having the previous attribute equal to “” and having no previous attribute the same.  We’ve also tried a few other ways to try and achieve this, but have had no success.