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Anyone use or had any issues with a Molecule using Windows DFS as the shared file system?

Question asked by BrandonHilton2441 on Feb 8, 2016
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Has anyone used (or experience any issues with) DFS as the shared file system for a Molecule setup?


We have 2 Boomi servers connecting to a DFS namespace (where the folders exist and are replicated across 2 servers).  The DFS is setup to always connect to the DFS 1 server if available... when DFS 1 goes down, then connect to DFS 2 and switch back to 1 when it's available again.


When we reboot DFS 1, Boomi never recovers and the server itself has to be rebooted to reconnect fully.  We have a ticket open with Microsoft on this issue and doing some captures as well... the problem may lie there or how we have it configured so just curious what others with a windows installation are using as their shared file system or if there are problems using DFS?