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How is API limits - Connections towards Salesforce counted in Boomi, and what are best practices for the management of this?

Question asked by ErikIvarsson3431 on Feb 25, 2016
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We recently ran into an issue with the Limit Exception for API Usage: "Request_Limit_Exceeded". I am now investigation this and finding out a plan for how to mitigate similar issues in the future. The usage of Boomi that is affected by this is partly migration of Accounts from Microsoft Navision to Salesforce, where we also report back to Navision the Salesforce Id. In this integration there is a need to handle the Upsert of Accounts, and also the transformation between Person Account <-> Account. This last part is putting additional calls to Salesforce for each execution since we need to find the RecordTypeId for the Account etc, and in the case we should transform it we ar elooking at additionally ~3 calls to Salesforce to handle this since everything cannot be done in the same request in Salesforce.

My questions are the following:

  • Is each Salesforce operation through Boomi counted as 1 API call to Salesforce?
  • Is there a count on the connection, meaning thas a Connector have 2 API Call to Salesforce? I would assume it is only 1 but I really need to grasp this completely.
  • What is the best practice for the design of a migration process that is using Web Services as the entry point? Currently Navision sends in each request an Account and this is handled individually throughout the process, is there a way that this can be accomplished by setting up a queue that collects ~1000 a time and handles the upsert, wihtout interfering with the RecordType transformation?

Any other tips and tricks if anyone has experience with this sort of things would be appreciated.